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Valuation Services

Valuations for jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and watches:
This fully researched and bound documentation provides an unbiased and solid foundation for your intended purpose, which may include: Valuation for Insurance Replacement - Confirmation of Will (probate) - Divorce Settlement - Capital Gains Assessment - Liquidation etc.
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The valuation service is available either on an appointment basis from the office and gemmological laboratory in Perth or via a network of participating jewellers in Scotland.

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Valuation Fees

As an Independent Valuer and Appraiser, the fees are not based on a percentage of value. Where possible an exact price is given prior to making an appointment.

  • A report charge of £85, plus:.
  • £45 for each non gem-set item - £70 for each gem-set item & watch
  • £70 for each group of up to 10 lower value items (typically below £500 each)
  • Re-valuations are charged at the report charge plus £15 per item.

Exceptional items requiring extensive additional research or diamond plotting will incur an additional fee.

A free "Item Assessment" consultation is availble to those who are unsure what work is required. An estimate for the required work is given for the client's consideration.

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Gemmological & Appraisal Services

Gemmological Services:
Diamond grading, gemstone identification, damage reports, colour assessments.

Appraisal Services and Consultations:

  • Pre-purchase reports for the public, jewellery trade and auction houses
  • Consultations to establish Equitable Distribution
  • Advice regarding purchase or disposal of jewellery, diamonds and gemstones
  • Pre-litigation advice and support relating to jewels and gems

Please note: Adrian Smith is an Independent Jewellery Valuer and as such does not buy, sell or broker.

The Perth-based office has a fully equipped gemmological laboratory and a client area with a library, magazines, music and cofffee.

Adrian Smith's officeAdrian Smith's office
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Gemmological Laboratory

Adrian S Smith FGA has the most comprehensive fully equipped gem lab of its type in Scotland.

Whilst there is no substitute for a keen eye backed up with experience, quality instrumentation and software is required to meet the demands of a fully researched appraisal document.

Diamond grading, light performace properties, cut grades, gemstone colour assessment, identification of gemstone treatments and synthesis etc, all require specialist knowledge and specialist instrumentation.